A Letter to Megan

Ashes to Ashes
oktober 17, 2016
Eye of the Storm
oktober 17, 2016

Dear Megan I decided to write you this letter,
so please won’t you let me explain.
Yeah I know that you think I’m a cheat and a swine,
but please hear what I’ve got to say.

I made a good living by deceiving and stealing,
but they’re coming to take me away.
And I shouldn´t be leaving and leave you all grieving,
but a prison is no place for me.

So Megan I hope you´ll ever forgive me, but darling I will not return.
‘Cause they will let me drown and then drag you all down,
and the house and our crops will be burned.

At night I would dwell there in my prison cell,
thinking about the time when I made you cry.
And I know you would follow where ever I’d go,
so that’s why I did not say goodbye.

And in the cold and black night when the stars all shine bright,
well I know I’d be thinking of you.
‘Cause to leave you behind before I changed my mind,
was the hardest thing I had to do.

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