Billy’s Curse

Days of Travel
oktober 17, 2016
Ashes to Ashes
oktober 17, 2016

Billy had known since the day he was born,
that his life, it wouldn’t be an easy one.
His mother she was a whore and his father a bum,
so Billy he grew up with a gun.

But Billy he was different, you see he harboured a soul,
and within it was a heart made of gold.
But one night he got arrested for a bottle he stole,
cause Billy’s curse it was alcohol.

And Billy was thrown in the slammer,
and Billy he took all the heat.
But the warden couldn’t break Billy’s spirit,
Billy wouldn’t bow down to his feet.

And after a week in that hell, Billy got up in his cell,
shouted fire and murder and rape!
And the chaos began, just as he had planned,
now it was time for Billy´s escape.

So Billy took his sheets and his blankets,
and tied them up into a rope.
Then he started to climb out his window,
yeah he finally found himself some hope.
But then a loud bang and the alarm bells they rang,
quickly he made his way down.
And then we heard a sound, they fired around,
and Billy he fell to the ground.

Billy are you all right?! don’t you die tonight!
Billy look at my face, were gonna leave this place,
Billy we’ll visit your stone,
when you’re buried at home.

And until the day, when the flowers decay,
and when your crumbling stone will stand alone on that hilltop,
like a witness to a time much more worse.
Cause Billy was cursed.

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