Johnny Went Away
oktober 17, 2016
Days of Travel
oktober 17, 2016

Jimmy was a young man from a town called Aylesford,
always laughing, on adventures and free.
A little house, he had a wife, he was carrying the torch,
he was right where he was supposed to be.

I even heard him say he had a kid on the way,
a steady job and a good family.
I never heard him complain, yeah he smiled every day,
Jimmy was living his dream.

But one day came a call from his country,
so like his father and his grandpa before,
they said: Jimmy you must join the army and fight out this war.

and a few days later he was on-board a ship setting sail to a foreign shore.
And the seagulls they cried as Jimmy sailed through the night,
till he arrived on the 6th of June 1944.

and what he saw that day took his breath away,
even till this day old Jimmy won’t speak.
Cause when he closes his eyes he´s back there on that Normandy beach.

Now Jimmy had though his life over,
and he knew that his time grew near.
Then old Jimmy started walking, his final walk to rejoice with his father so dear.

So for Jimmy all is silent now, he can’t even remember the sound his gun made.
yeah old Jimmy you did die a hero that day,
and that’s why we’re singing this song at your wake.

So old Jimmy we drink at your memory,
and give you one final salute.
Cause Jimmy you died without enemies,
and lived out your life best you could.

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