McScallywag does not cling to the usual boundaries of traditional folk music but tenaciously breaks them, by taking their inspiration from genres like bluegrass, Balkan music, punkrock and of course those good ol’ drinking songs.

Armed with instruments such as the banjo, accordion and mandolin they serve an explosive, happy and uplifting live-act, filled with sing alongs, dancing tunes and songs that will take you by the hand through their struggles of staying sane in a modern day society. This all leads to the richly flavored Original McScallywag partyfolkpunk-blend, Distilled and bottled in Groningen.

In 2016 they released their first album: “Dirty water”, which the folkpunk-scene received with open arms. 

“Dirty Water” is a fantastic whiskey soaked album that banjo and accordion lovers will enjoy”. (Celtic-folk-punk.com, 2016)

In 2020 McScallywag released their second album: “Songs for the Wicked”, which was also hailed with enthusiasm!

“What a brilliant achievement and what an excellent album!! “(London Celtic Punks webzine, 2020).

In 2023 McScallywag released their new single: “Budapest”, Bringing more Balkan tunes to the mix.

In the last couple of years McScallywag played their sweaty, beersoaked partyfolkpunk-mix at a barrel load of Dutch venues and festivals, sharing the stage with truckloads of international bands like: The Dreadcrew of Oddwood (USA), The Rumjacks (AUS) The Real McKenzies (CA) and Ferocious Dog (UK).

The Band

Arian, Lead Singer, Banjo, Mandolin

Tom, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

Frodo, Accordion

Ashley, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals

Folkert, Bass, Backing Vocals

Sietse, Drums, Backing Vocals

In the past we had the honor to play with a few dear friends that will always be a part of the McScallyFamily:

  • Ruud, Drums
  • Talitha, Cello and a voice of an Angel
  • Peter, Bass
  • Marnick, Back-up drummer
  • Merleyn, Back-up drummer
  • Sebastiaan, Violin